Maileg Happy Camper Tent S/S21

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Maileg tent
Maileg Happy Camper Tent
Maileg Happy Camper Tent S/S21

Your Maileg mouse will become a truly treasured toy.  These beautiful mice are a mix of Scandinavian design and old fashioned nostalgia.  The mice are made from cotton, linen and a leather tail. These timeless toys are ideal for handing down for the next generation to love.

The blanket will keep your friends warm during the night. The outer fabric has a coated surfase for a more authentic look.

Take your mice along for a sleep-over under the stars in the easy fold-up tent. The blanket will keep your mice friends cosy at night, and there is a little hook to hang up the Maileg torch or lantern.

Collect all in the range with big brother hiking mouse, tent, boat, rechargeable torch, vintage picnic set and lantern light!

You will love the detail in every Maileg range.  

Product details

Size : Mouse
Height : 19 cm
Age: 3 years & up
Washing instruction: Hand Wash
Material: Linen

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