Stib Jumbo

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Stib Jumbo
Stib Jumbo

Stib Ltd is a purposeful business, aiming to make imaginations zing & good ideas take flight;  inspiring our youngest's hearts & minds to have fun creating a world to be proud of, filled with fun and colour.

Stib is guided around being a parent: from the products we create, the children we create them for, the hours we work and the charitable projects we support - our mission is to build a company that has kids at its core.

We think you'll love Stib, we do! 

Jumbo Stib packs come in a colourful tube of 12 satisfyingly soft-leaded colouring pencils each embossed with different inspirational 'Spark Words': Great Leader, Good Listener, World Changer, Earth Lover, Self Believer, Big Thinker, Freestyler, Team Player, Storyteller ,Problem Solver, Joy Finder and Peacekeeper.

Each phrase has been matched with a Stibler animal character, a group of creative superheroes, there to help children facing life’s lumps and bumps. Each Jumbo pack contains the pencils, a Stibler sticker sheet & a jumbo orange pencil sharpener,  and online there are 12 Free Stibler stories,  our ‘Ask a Stibler’ series - where we share the questions other children have asked the Stiblers about problems they are facing, along with loads of inspirational ideas, quotes and links to bring the 12 words alive to under 10’s.

Read more about Stib here

STIB were recently awarded Highly Commended in the Rainbow Toy Awards, have been Shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2019 and were also shortlisted by Made For Mums & the Little London Design Awards.

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