Mibo Pigeon

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Mibo Pigeon
Mibo Pigeon

Here's a little Pigeon on a mission. Maybe he wants to tell your nearest or dearest how much you love them, or perhaps he wants to say sorry on your behalf for that unfortunate faux pas, or maybe he'll be your go between in a fledgling romance?  Our point being that in this day of instant communication, there is an alternative way of getting your message across, ie: assembling a pigeon dressed as a French postman, writing a tiny note, popping it in his beak and sending him off on his way. 

The Pigeon stands at a proud 9cm (inc hat) when made and comes with mini notelet cards, an envelope and a little box. 

Designed by Madeleine Rogers for Mibo. 

Printed on 100% recycled 200gsm card. 

Made in the UK.

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